STP 10009

Road repairing machine STP 1008/6000

Product Description

The STP 1008 Patcher allows to repair the holes and damages in the roads without using the milling machine, and paver. This kind of machine requires only one man to operate. The Patcher operator with the truck driver are a two man working team for road repairing. Repairing of a road damage takes only some minutes. Just after the reparation, the road traffic can use the road again.

Patcher offers the quickest and cheapest way of repairing damaged roads.

Double bin for stones with the capacity of 6 m3.

Two feeding screws. Reparation jobs possible with two fractions of stones.

Emulsion bin

  • capacity of 1400 l.
  • Mechanical indicator of filling the emulsion bin.
  • Emulsion temperature control by regulation of the gas burner.
  • Fastening of a gas cylinder with the capacity of 11 kg.
  • Emulsion pump with the hydraulic drive
  • Emulsion installation secured with an emulsion filter.
  • Circulation installation for emulsion to shorten the heating time.

Working arm enables the reparation in the radius of 3,5 – 4,5 m.

STP 1008/6000


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