P150 Infrared asphalt heater

Product Description

The HDE P150 will heat up and soften a localized area of the surface course asphalt so that it can be re-worked and re-compacted to eliminate the surface deterioration. The highly efficient infrared heaters can soften the asphalt to original mixing temperatures in 5 to 10 minutes, making repair of an asphalt surface effective and economical.

  • BTU: 150,000 BTU.
  • Easy temperature adjustment 5-40 PSI.
  • Heaters: 2 – 75,000 BTU high-intensity infrared heaters.
  • Heater Dimensions – L x W x H :: 1410 mm x 1103 mm.
  • Fuel: propane.
  • Fuel consumption: 8,2 l/h
  • Gas mixing: Venturi Type (No blowers).
  • Hose: 3/8 LPG type III C.S.A. approved hoses.
  • The heater surface: Ceramic.
  • Frame Dimensions – L x W x H: 1409 x 1103 x 1149 mm.
  • Heating Area – L x W: 965 x 991 mm.
  • Weight: 175 lbs.


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