RTS 2000 EFT Trailed bitumen spraying machine

Product Description

 RTS 2000 EFT Trailed bitumen spraying machine designed on the basis of a single-axle trailer and equipped with a manually adjusted system of spraying pressure control.
  • two-axle trailer.
  • ABS breaking system.
  • lights.

Emulsion tank

  • capacity of about 2,000 l.
  • circular profile of a tank.
  • emulsion tank filling indicator.
  • emulsion heating gas burner system.
  • HATZ Diesel engine.
  • emulsion pipe with the efficiency of 340 l/min.
  • emulsion pump with hydraulic drive.
  • blow off installation using the air from trailer braking system.
  • isolated tank.

emulsion pressure control in the spraying bar

  • manual adjustment by adjustable valve
  • emulsion pressure indicator

blowdown system

  • of spraying lance and spraying bar

spraying bar:

  • standard bar length – 2,500 mm.
  • standard bar length – 2,500 mm.
  • mechanical adjustment of spraying bar height.
  • possibility of manual switch-off of individual nozzles.
  • emulsion circulation system ensuring required temperature in the whole emulsion metering section and emulsion supply.
  • rubber panels for separate sections of the spraying bar.


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