Emulsion sprinkler TS 6000 C Vario

Product Description

Еmulsion tank
  • capacity of 6 000 l.
  • elliptic profile of a tank
  • emulsion tank filling indicator
  • oil heating installation
  • HATZ 2G40 Diesel engine
  • emulsion pump with the efficiency of 420 l/min
  • emulsion pump with hydraulic drive
  • blow off installation using the air from truck brakes
  • isolation of a tank

Automatic heating installation

  • required temperature of emulsion is reached and maintained automatically.
  • installation 12V or 24V.
  • Emulsion is stored in the insulated tank which ensures retaining of established temperature during the whole working time.

Pressure control in the spraying bar

  • ensures in the automatic way the constant spraying pressure, not depending on the quantity of switched on nozzles in the spraying bar.

Blow off installation

  • for the spraying lance and spraying bar.
  • ensures easy cleaning of emulsion installation after finishing the job.

Spraying bar

  • total width of the spraying bar 4 000 mm.
  • triple spraying bar, with two extensions to be opened manually.
  • hydraulic regulation of the spraying bar height.
  • transport width 2 500 mm.
  • distance between nozzles of 250 mm.
  • circulation installation ensuring maintaining of required temperature in the whole emulsion circular.
Computer program
  • Computer control ensures the maintaining of constant pressure of sprinkling emulsion, even by changing speed, or sprinkling width.
  • Operation of all the functions is controlled by the computer.
  • The program maintenance will be done by the touch screen.

C Vario


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