AC 8000 E Thermal container and emulsion tank for the carriage of hot asphalt

Product Description

AC 8000 E Thermos is designed for asphalt compound transport in the conditions ensuring the retention of temperature required for the compound laying.

Asphalt container

  • Capacity of the asphalt container ca. 4,8 m3, ( ca. 9 000 kg.)
  • Steel construction of the container, welded.
  • Isolation tank with a minimum thickness. 80 mm.
  • 2 insulated covers for container opening.
  • Mounts designed to mount the device on board the car.

Emulsion tank

  • Emulsion tank capacity of approximately 200 l.
  • The installation of heating the emulsion with gas burner.
  • Tank fill level indicator of emulsion.
  • Spray lance with a hose with a length of 5.0 m.

Asphalt delivering system

  • Screw feeder delivering hot asphalt hydraulically driven
  • Screw feeder drive in both directions
  • Variable speed of screw feeder
  • Tilting charging hopper, used to dispense asphalt

Heating installation

  • Installation of gas heating system – equipped with the necessary security
  • Temperature control manual, via the piezoelectric igniter.
  • Fitting for two gas cylinders, with a capacity of 33 kg.

Hydraulic system

  • Engine HATZ Diesel 1D81
  • Engine power 9,5 kW / 2600 rev./min.
  • Air cooled.
  • Number of cylinders 1.


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